Thursday, June 4, 2009

I'm On Vacation! Day 6 FINAL DAY - Upstate NY & The Catskills

French Press/Nutty Nuggets/Finish packing Frog/He's moving to Portland, ya know/Moving/Cleaning/Hungover/Can't shit/To Anna & Brendan's to return mattress/Omalord, goats/Ged the cat is the coolest cat ever/Dump/Dump-guy re: Beam "I drink that stuff religiously"/Unexpected trip down memory lane via shitty Clark recording/On to Heaven/I make my first pizza/Enjoy Rupa the dog/Fur like Max/John, the neighbor kid, gives us ride to Albany airport/Nice, nice kid/Security woes/Short goodbyes/Him to his gate/Me to mine/Unexpected puddle jumper to Cleveland/Entire row for sleeping to SF/I think of crashing/Again and again/We don't/I make last BART/I drink with Blalock & Nathan at Stork Club for last call/See my Ruby again/Drink shitty Tequila and use the old standby, Michael Scott, to fall asleep/Back to Oakland life for now

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Anonymous said...

what are nutty nuggets? Ged the cat can't be cooler than Lewis or a three legged Clark/ You listened to Clark together(jealous and teary)/What is heaven exactly, a diner or coffee shop?/ You talking about Max's fur reminds me to tell you that I saw Paul Vellner at a distance yesterday...../ nice, the whole row for sleeping!/How can you fall asleep to Michael Scott, he's HILARIOUS!!!! How is back to Oakland life?