Thursday, June 4, 2009

I'm On Vacation! Day 1, part 2 - DC

Day 1, Part 2 – DC
To break up the monotony of my prose, the following is written in lyrical form. You’ll get the gist.
Lucked out with early check-in/Bed like a cloud/Uh oh! Mini bar/Price scan/No, no, no and not $5 for Jack/Bathrobe (can buy for 60)/Resist the urge to put it on immediately/Feet hurt so bad…must go on
TV/Write/Must go on/Hungry
“Brunch!” says guide book/Du Pont Circle/Only 12 blocks away/And I did it/Without headphones on/Clumsily figured out restaurant is in rear of bookstore/Sure, I’ll sit outside/Third degree burn to my neck/Eggs benedict/Iced coffee/Corn bread/Fresh pineapple and cantalope and watermelon/Colts notebook/Pen/No headphones
“White House!” says guide book/Not that far now/ Yes, a protest/More teenagers/I’ve become one/Would rather be the other/Photos of the Pres. Digs/Nice enough/Protesters chanting “President Obama, President Obama”/20/Small men/Small women/Blown up images/Brown children behind barbed wire/Bloodied baby/Recorder on/Open speakers/My open heart/The world suffers, a few voices strain to let us know/Thanks for the photo op/The inexperience of your real pain/I’ll tell my friends/All of this running through my head/Action vs passivity/Where do I fall?/Her English washed in thick Sri Lanken/”Do you know what we are doing here?”/My breathe released the dam of my heavy heart/Near embarrassing sobs/”No, not really. I’m just moved by your will.”/Awe for action/A twenty minute briefing/Military regime/Ethnic cleansing/Concentration camps/Mother torn from father torn from children/No United Nation/No CNN/No NGO’s/ No Obama/Please Obama, think of Sri Lanka/Sorry to bother you, Mr. Obama/Yes we can/Must be moving along/Keep hope close/Your voice will make a difference/It has to
Treasury Department
No time now for Holocaust Museum/Back to Hotel/Research Sri Lanka/Don’t forget
Down pour
Ford’s Theater/Too many teens clog the entrance/Cross the street/Home where Lincoln died/Three rooms/His short bed
Liquor/Down pour/Feet
Met Arli and twelve or so lesbians at Toledo Bar in Adams/Morgan/PBR/Beam/Grilled cheese/Fries/Ketchup/PBR/Beam/PBR/Beam/Trans party/Time to be movin’ on!/She thinks I should live here/Perhaps she’s right/Political/Historical/Muggy as a juicy fart
Final act/The Lincoln Memorial at night/$26 cab fare to pull it off/May have been more majestic with less teenage clutter, minus the blockade I had to manueaver around and had I been more sober

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Anonymous said...

interesting vacation haiku??? not sure that's really the correct term

i think you invented a new style of poetry :)