Thursday, September 25, 2008

I Bet That Viet-Cong Torture House Looks Pretty Good Right Now

I sort of feel sorry for Mc Cain. In my perception, he's taken a lot of bad advice from handlers in the GOP. I'd hope he'd agree: this is not the campaign he set forth to run. The negative ads seem beneath a man who tauts such high moral character. The choice of Palin (obviously made in the train station bathroom of Pooptown, Crazy), really abandoned the VP formula for a vote worthy ticket. Any debate coach could have smelled her lack of persuasive point-making all the way from Russia. She's got the face, the rhetoric and that small-town folksy bullshit nailed, but when challenged by well-versed political pundits, she fembots out, circuitry sizzling and popping everywhere. Plus, this whole financial institution bail-out deal isn't his making, but you sure as heck know the flip-flopping of his bro, GW, between laissez faire and Fed-to-the-rescue douses him in the sunshine of shit-for-brains strategery.

I know I prophesied, on this very site last year, that John McCain would win this election. I think he was poised to. Then times got tough. And I don't mean for that to make him sound passive. Perhaps he didn't conjure these ideas, but he signed off on them all the same. The negative tone of his campaign, the self-righteous twiddle twaddle from AK as his running mate, and this puke storm of an economy (the chunks rising, rising, rising), have all coagulated into a look of fear and shame in his eyes. Frankly, he looks tired, worn, demoralized, embarrassed. If it weren't for a gaggle of elitist, Republican puppeteers propping up his back with a stick, I'd guess he were ready to settle in for a long winter's nap and leave the governing to the fools.

Hell, if the election doesn't kill him with stress, the presidency surely would. Yep, I'm a softy for old dudes, even John McCain. I suspect when I see GW in his coffin, just as I did with Nixon, I'll feel a rush of sorrow, and it isn't because I admire the lives of these men, but because they're just dudes, who lived and died trying to conquer the world and were super bad at it. That's just sad.