Thursday, June 4, 2009

I'm On Vacation! Day 2 - NYC & Brooklyn

Day 2: NYC & Brooklyn
Oversleep/Miss my Boltbus/Book another/Don’t cry about it/Good mood ruin/Breakfast at the Zephyr Café/Hilton’s shitty breakfast joint/Nasty downtown DC eat options/Corporate suck-offs/Don’t cry about it/Good mood ruin/Bus!/Wifi!/Outlet!/Write!/Write!/Chat!
NYC/Cozy/Breezy/Noise-ridden/Mostly honking/Cab to Froggie/Josh’s East Village apartment/Guitar/Journey a few blocks/I’ve heard stories about this burger/Kate’s Joint/Highly recommended Boneless Buffalo Burger/Veg/Greens/Vegan gravy/Vegan cheddar/Soaked shared fries/PBR tall boy/1/2
Not-scary subway to Brooklyn/Meet bandmates/Oh yah, feet update: Killing/Walk/Williamsburg/More Frank & Estelle Costanza than Hipster/To my delight and to the destruction of stereotypes everywhere/Hidden loft space/Unfriendly resident/Sound check/Me to resident: “You need any help setting up?”/”No.”/Catch up on blog reads/Walk/BBQ/Found the hipsters hanging with the NYFD/Israeli transplant takes a close-talker liking to me & Froggie/Tecate/Beam/Tecate/Beam/Walk/Showtime
The bands were quite likable, fun, worth watching, much showmanship abounded, happy energy from the stage. Me, though, I felt alienated, alone, lonely. I sipped my free Red Stripe and sank lower and lower. Maybe that’s why I loved the music so much, cos everything else was corrupt and black for me. Thank you, Love or Perish. Thank you, Violent Bullshit. Thank you, Children, for which Froggie’s drumming completely filled my hole. His hair tossed my mood. The awkward chugged down the minutes that followed. A handful seemed interested to talk to me, the majority ignored me like the help. Either they’re flawed or it’s me. Always hard not to think it’s me. Didn’t help to look like a butch lesbian in jeans and a T con Chucks. The girls were tiny and cute in short dresses and skirts. Same old daily conversation with myself. I wish I was an animal. I’m always bored when I notice I don’t add up. Bored cataloguing the hidden qualities I know I have. This is what causes me to text folks whose test I’ve passed long, long ago. Froggie finally says his goodbyes and we hightail it back to NYC. It was nice dissecting the evening with him, like old times. I felt restored, valuable, listened to, counted. Then I slept for two hours.

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