Thursday, June 4, 2009

I'm On Vacation! Day 4 - Upstate NY & The Catskills

Mountain morning air/Relax on the cabin's deck/No unnatural noise/French press/Nutty Nuggets/Frog thinks better than Grape Nuts/I think just a bit different/Organic grapes/Markedly different from pesticide-infused/Apple cider vinegar Oregano Oil cocktail in my belly/Head to Heaven/Homemade Fruit & Nut bars for the road/Travel to Cooperstown for the Ommegang Brewery tour and tasting/Join a group of dudes/Miss the important part/Catch the bottling portion/The more boring of the portions/Tasting/Yumbo/Overhear recommendation for Cooley's/Use GPS and dumb luck to find Cooley's/Cooley's is a bar/Not a cool bar/Just a bar/Redeeming quality: Ommegang beer on tap/Dinner menu is useless for a veg/Frog points out Deep Fried Macaroni Wedges on the menu/I agree I've never had such a thing and yes, we should order them/The server had no qualms in recommending them/Turns out they're shaped like Chicken McMurder Nuggets/Breaded Kraft Mac & Cheese/Frog asked the nature of these treats/Cysco/I thought "Cisco" as in, they've been flown in from San Francisco/This revelation didn't come out until some time later/Frog explained Cysco is a frozen food provider/Good laugh at my naivete/Flown in from SF? Mmm, will get some fresh when I go back home!/No./Andes Hotel for real dinner/Real Republican/Sit at the bar/Enjoy only veg option: Portabello Mushroom sandwich/Share fries/I drink a Bud Light/All of a sudden: Calories Count/Back to the cabin/Read portions of Harry Chapin's autobiography/Beam/Go thru Frog's wardrobe/Abbey Ale/In bed by 3

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