Thursday, June 4, 2009

I'm On Vacation! Day 5- Upstate NY & The Catskills

Sleep in/French Press/Nutty Nuggets/Write/Listen to Frog's set list/Inspired/Take photos/To Heaven again/Taylor gifts to me cutie cutie Salt & Pepper shakers/Research ride to airport/No success/Make hummus!/Dinner party at Seema's, Charlie's, Rishi's/Frog's babysitting gig/Other fams come: Laurie with Charlie & Ava, Anna & Brendon with Aemon/Grill out/Fresh cheese/Lot's of red wine/More Ommegang beer/Hummus is a hit/Kids love the Frog Man/I love these full-timers/Back to the cabin/Finish the night with Beam and Ace Ventura Pet Detective

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